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Soil Blending

Spur Environmental Services (Spur) provides In-Situ soil blending for both Geotechnical and Environmental applications. Soil Mixing has provided cost effective solutions for well over 30 years.

Environmental Soil Blending allows for direct contact with the target contaminants while having the ability to distribute chemical amendments throughout the treated areas.

Geotechnical Soil Blending is used to increase soil strength and reduce the compressibility of naturally placed soils, which provides foundation stability. It can improve the bearing capacity of the soil or sludge to allow foundation construction at locations otherwise thought unusable.

Spur utilizes the latest in soil mixing and blending attachments available. This allows us to customize and tailor the project to our customer needs. Soil mixers can be attached on a variety of equipment ranging from 55+ ton excavators to mini excavators for indoor remediation and or stabilization projects.


Spur Environmental Services (Spur) offers a full range of injection services for In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO), In-Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR), and Bio-remediation. Spur has the ability of injecting small mixes into single locations or large mixes into multiple locations utilizing a manifold and flow meters to keep track of volumes being injected.

Spur also utilizes several different size pumps to achieve the injection goal. We can utilize dual diaphragm pumps ranging in size from 3/4 inch up to 2 inch. These pumps are capable of different flow rates, pressures and are used based on scope of the project. We can also utilize a 2 inch pneumatic pump capable of injecting high viscosity material that require higher pressures.

Safety is always a priority during the mixing and injecting process. All personnel is highly trained and up to date with 40 Hr OSHA Hazwoper and 8 Hr refresher training. Spur personnel have over 30 years of combined injection experience. We have successfully completed small pilot projects to large full scale projects throughout the U.S. in all types of soils.

With this type of experience we are able to overcome many obstacles we may encounter in the field and successfully complete projects satisfying our clients' needs.

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal

Spur Environmental Services (Spur) provides underground (UST) and above ground (AST) storage tank removal services for a variety of industrial and public sectors from property owners and real estate developers to gas station owners. We have removed tanks from sizes as small as 275 gallons up to 50,000 gallons.

Spur is dedicated to providing the highest quality of tank removal services while utilizing the highest level of safety. We take pride in exceeding our clients' expectations in all that we do from completing projects within budgets to timeline goals.

Spur Services follows industry standards outlined in the American Petroleum Institute (API) Recommended Practice For Removing USTs and the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) Closure Guidance document (GUST-9 dated November, 2010) to ensure that each removal is handled properly and safely for our clients. All of our professionals have been extensively trained through OSHA 40 Hazwoper with annual 8hr refresher training which promotes worker safety, preserves the environment and adheres to Federal, State and local laws.

Site Restoration

Spur Environmental Services (Spur) can provide a seamless transition from site remediation or tank removal to restoration of the project site. Backfilling, revegetation, grading, clearing and mulching, access road construction, paving as well as stream and wetland restoration.

Our equipment operators and technicians have extensive and diverse project and equipment experience from Geoprobes® to excavators and other heavy equipment. Spur has ongoing accounts with several equipment rental suppliers throughout the US.

Spur's professionals have 40 hr Hazwoper training and annual 8 hr refresher training which promotes worker safety, preserves the environment, and adheres to Federal, State and local laws.

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